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Started as a pursuit of passion by two artists – Ashwini & Mohit Kotwal.
Art, as a form & a discipline has been carried over into all our offerings.

Kotwal’s Kitchen


"Chandraseniya Kayastha Prabhu"
“Chandraseniya Kayastha Prabhu” is a distinct caste of Maharashtrian Kshatriyas specially known for their passion for good food and drink
CKP cuisine is an interesting piece of art which evolved from the rich heritage of the valleys of Kashmir to the coastal regions of Konkan
The cuisine gets it’s flavour by a unique blend of spices and a special method of preparation by a culinary artist
So go ahead and pamper your palate with CKP cuisine served by Kotwal’s KItchen





Being slightly paranoid about hygiene helps us in not only sourcing good raw material, but to process it & also maintain a healthy & clean cooking environment.
The prepared food is packed in disposable containers.




All our raw material sourcing is done personally every day morning. The meat, chicken and fish are fresh. The veggies are healthy. The oil used is refined sunflower oil. Water is always filtered (Aquaguard).
Masalas are prepared in-house. Ashwini is the head chef. All other processes are personally supervised.



All orders are processed after receiving them, hence total freshness is maintained. Food is prepared to exact quantity.
Kotwal’s Kitchen is now professionally managed by Engineered Food Concepts Pvt. Ltd.

Service – Always with a smile & personalized. We are always open to feedback.

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